About The Pink Lady

A medical student and humble learner. Eternally grateful for the privilege a career in medicine provides; that is, the privilege to meet people. I have always marvelled at the human interaction I am privileged to partake in as a medical professional. At the outset of every new patient encounter, we are at first just two strangers meeting one another. Yet, the stranger who sits before me quickly becomes a patient once they begin to share their fears, their worries and at times their deepest and darkest secrets. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel when a complete stranger shares their story with me, openly and without question. Thank you.

~ The Pink Lady



Up Next, An Excerpt From My First Blog Post…

Why The Pink Lady, You Ask?

For my inaugural blog post, I’d like to begin by sharing an anecdote, a story – just one of more to come – from my journey through medical school and beyond.

I have been blessed to rotate on – what I think – are some of the most entertaining, best, and friendliest hospital wards my city has to offer.

Cue the nursing team. No, not the unit clerk. Yes, that’s right, the other ladies (and gents!) on the ward. Such hospital staff can be tough to tell apart sometimes. I’ve sustained many an eye-roll by approaching the charge to ask a question better suited for the unit clerk and vice-versa…

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